Once launched, your website becomes your company's marketing tool and good SEO will enable you to reach your target audience effectively. We recommend an ongoing targetted SEO campaign that will up the performance of your site on all main search engines. A regular supply of fresh relevant content will boost your rankings and help you to be seen. Ongoing analysis of your website’s performance enables us to make recommendations for ongoing content development. Adapting and updating existing content to suit results provides you with a dedicated website that will repay your investment by increasing your sales.

Your website code will include Google analytics which provides comprehensive data about your website reach, site visits, traffic, audience, behaviour, devices and these statistics provide valuable feedback from which to plan future developments to your website, ensuring that you are keeping in control and up to date.

Most clients ask if they will reach No. 1 on Google? For organic searches, we cannot guarantee that you will reach number 1. Reaching the first page for your domain name is fairly straight forward but for organic searches, we recommend aiming for consistent results for your most popular search words. If your business is in a particularly competitive marketplace, we may advise you to undertake a pay per click campaign to enhance your results for certain key terms.

Working with your budget, we prepare an SEO strategy that we believe will be effective for your website, ensuring that your content is relevant, your titles, descriptions and keywords are in place and that your website conforms to the best practices required by the search engines.

Social Media

Social media platforms include Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Linked In and utilising these platforms as part of your marketing strategy can have a positive effect on your company marketing and the rankings that your website achieves on search engines. By increasing traffic to your website, you are raising your brand awareness, improving communication with your existing customers and reaching new audiences. By sharing information and encouraging interaction, you are creating a positive platform for communication and encouraging sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an effective way to contact your customers and by including links to your website within your email content, your traffic increases and your rankings will benefit. An email marketing strategy is considered an important part of your overall marketing strategy. By including an integrated email mailing list sign up box in your website design, you can quickly build up a customer database for targetted email campaigns.

Email marketing programmes like Mailchimp provide reporting tools so you can track your most effective emails. We can create custom email templates or most programmes supply easy to use templates too.

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